The Branch

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 11:1-10September 17, 2017

When God Bursts on the Scene

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 9:1-7September 10, 2017

Taking God Seriously

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 8September 3, 2017

When Trusting Hurts

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 7:10-17August 27, 2017

Sour Grapes

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonAugust 13, 2017Isaiah 5:1-7

Sharing Suffering

Jay Moore


Description:Speaker: Jay MooreAugust 6, 20171 Peter 5: 6-12

Plundering God

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonJuly 30, 2017Isaiah 3-4

Brian Tibbs with Extreme Nazarene

Brian Tibbs


Description:Speaker: Brian Tibbs July 23, 2017Sharing the missions from Extreme Nazarene

Missionaries from South-East Asia

Pastor Bill Kwon


Description:Speaker: Pastor Bill KwonJuly 2, 2017Sharing from the missions field in South-East Asia

Faith at Work

Jay Moore


Description:Speaker: Jay MooreJames 2:14-26June 25, 2017

Isaiah: The People of God

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 12June 11, 2017


Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Pastor Jason JohnstonActs 2:1-4, Leviticus 23:15-22June 4, 2017

The Deathbed Prayer of Jesus

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason Johnston May 28th, 2017John 17:1-11

Descriptive Gospel for a Normative World

Joe Coco


Description:Joe Coco, COCO EnterprisesMay 21, 2017John 12:12-16


Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Pastor Jason JohnstonApril 30, 2017Luke 24:13-49

Locked Doors

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Pastor Jason JohnstonApril 23, 2017John 20:19-31

Red Thread of Redemption- Easter

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonApril 16, 2017Revelation 21-22

Red Thread of Redemption- Palm Sunday

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonApril 9, 2017Acts 1:1-11

Red Thread of Redemption- The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonApril 2, 2017Matthew 6:9-13

Red Thread of Redemption- Jonah

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonMarch 26, 2017Jonah 1-4

Red Thread of Redemption- Joshua and Jericho

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonMarch 19th, 2017Joshua 5:13-6:27

Red Thread of Redemption- Joseph

Pastor Steve Venable from Potter's Field Ministries


Description:Speaker: Pastor Steve Venable from Potter's Field MinistriesMarch 12th, 2017Genesis 39-41

Red Thread of Redemption- Creation

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Pastor Jason JohnstonMarch 5th, 2017Genesis 1-2

Red Thread of Redemption- Introduction

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Pastor Jason JohnstonPhilippians 3:10-11

New Year, Same God- Realities of Freedom

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:This week, we are looking at the realities of our freedoms given by God and how we should use those freedoms within the realms of God's promise.

New Year, Same God- Promise of Law

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:This week, we explore God's promise of the fulfillment of the Law throught Jesus Christ.

New Year, Same God- Promise of Blessing

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:This week we are looking at the promise of blessing through the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount.

New Year, Same God- Promise of Ministry

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:This week, we will be looking at God's promise of ministry and how we can expand the Kingdom of Heaven by living the way Jesus lived.

New Year, Same God- Promise of Love

Jay Moore


Description:This week, we look at what it means to show love to those around us because of God's love for us.

New Year, Same God- Promise of New Life

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:As we start a new year, we are starting a new sermon series on the unchanging promises of God. This week, we are looking at the promise of new life through baptism.

Christmas at the Movies: Elf

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:During week 4 of Advent, we take a look at the the response of the shepherds to the birth of Christ: "by spreading cheer for all to hear."

Christmas at the Movies: The Grinch

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:This week, we look at the idea of where we put our joy in this holiday season: "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

Christmas at the Movies: Polar Express

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:In week two of our Christmas at the Movies series, we look at how we need to turn our focus from the unexplainable things of this world to the undeniable truth of Jesus.

Christmas at the Movies: Home Alone

Jay Moore


Description:As we enter into Advent, we are starting a new series with a look at a scene from "Home Alone", and diving into how we should be preparing for this season of expectation.

What Disciples Do

Pastor Jason Johnston


Description:Wrapping up our series on "What Disciples Do", Pastor Jason explains the importance of Christ being the center of everything.

Taking God Seriously

Pastor Jason Johnston

Description:Speaker: Pastor Jason JohnstonIsaiah 8September 3, 2017